Benefits of Starting Your Revision Now

Benefits of Starting Your Revision Now

We hear you, we hear you, exam season is still a little while away. But the earlier you get a handle on your revision and what works for you, the better off you will be when Winter exams roll around. Setting aside even a small amount of time can set you up perfectly for the weeks ahead and ensure you’re not stressing and cramming during exam season.

We’ve put together some habits, tips and routines you can ease yourself into so you can smash this revision and avoid the pre-exam frenzy.

Organising Your Study Space

A clean space equals a clean mind… or something like that! One thing is for sure, there is nothing more frustrating than wading through a mountain of clutter when you sit down at your desk to some work. 

At Point Campus, for example, you have your own private desk in your bedroom and plenty of workspaces scattered around the common areas. Your college’s library or public libraries will also offer spaces where you can work undisturbed. One of the benefits of starting your revision now is that you can try a few different spaces and see what works for you.

Creating a Schedule

Another benefit of starting early is how much time you can dedicate to planning and scheduling your revision in the early stages. You can break modules and subjects into chunks, create your own study timetable and begin tackling topics at your own pace.

Everyone processes information differently and works at a pace that best suits them. Use this extra time to work out your preferred working style and make it easier to understand and retain information.

Finding Your Perfect Study Playlist

Silence isn’t always the best option! There is a near-endless amount of study playlists out there to choose from. Using this time can be perfect to find one that suits you perfectly – or even make your own!

Spotify and YouTube have plenty of playlists of meditative soundtracks and classical music to experiment with. Our tip is to avoid lyrics and loud volumes to minimise distractions as much as possible.

Exploring Methods & Study Apps

Being under a time crunch during exam season can be very stressful and limiting. You might not feel like you have time to explore new study methods and potentially helpful apps.

Similar to creating an early schedule, use this time to experiment with some new techniques and see if anything sticks! Whether that be trying out flashcards, self-quizzing or trying out apps to keep you focussed like Forest or Freedom. 

Practising Past Papers

It’s simple. The more time you have with past papers, the more familiar you can be with them! The earlier you start revising, the more time you have to get used to the format.

Your college should have an online archive of papers available for the subjects you’re currently taking. Use this time to really get to grips with them. Identify patterns, common questions or even print them out and test yourself.

Fixing Your Sleep Schedule

Last but certainly not least, get working on your sleep schedule if you need to! A proper amount of nightly sleep is so so important. A key aspect of your mental performance is being well-rested.

The recommended amount of time is 7 to 9 hours of sleep. While we understand that it might not be totally realistic all week, try and take advantage of this earlier preparation to move your sleep schedule back an hour or two. You might even notice improvements in your general mental wellbeing, too!

For a couple more quick tips ahead of exam season, be sure to follow us over on Facebook and Instagram or check our some previous entries on our Blog than can come in handy when studies get a bit more intense over the coming weeks!

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