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Best Places To Eat & Drink In Dublin On A Budget

With a vibrant food and drink culture, you will be spoilt for choice when dining out with friends in Dublin. As a student you’re probably looking for the best places to eat and drink in town without breaking the bank. Luckily, Dublin has you covered with plenty of places to feast on delicious food and […]

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Dealing With Stress as a Student

With exam season just behind us and the new semester underway, you might be reflecting on how things went and what you can do to improve your prep next time around. One of the biggest challenges of study, revision, and even managing continuous assessments, is dealing with the stress they can all bring. Well, the […]

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What to do in Dublin this Winter

It’s dark, it’s cold, and it’s potentially raining – but we promise it’s a wonderful time of the year to be in Dublin! With the sun setting at about 4pm, it’s no surprise there’s no shortage of activities to lift the mood! During the winter months, and December especially, there are so many magical activities […]

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Benefits of Starting Your Revision Now

We hear you, we hear you, exam season is still a little while away. But the earlier you get a handle on your revision and what works for you, the better off you will be when Winter exams roll around. Setting aside even a small amount of time can set you up perfectly for the […]

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