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5 Simple Recipes to Master During Lockdown

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsey to enjoy a good meal, as a student. Cooking is a life-long skill, one of the most valuable you can learn while staying at Point Campus. Our kitchens include all of the appliances, utensils and crockery needed to make a delicious meal. With the added time being spent […]

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10 things we can’t wait to do in Dublin post-lockdown

While we’ve been trying to keep our residents and students busy and entertained with fun activities they can do during lockdown, we also want to look forward to the future! We know this crisis has been tough on everyone, so we think it’s important to share some positivity in this blog and remind you of what […]

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Keeping Calm During Isolation 

Amidst the chaos of recent weeks, it’s easy to forget that many of you still have assignments and projects due before the end of this strange semester. For those in final year, you’ve got the added pressure of life after college to take into account, and all of this can leave even the best of […]

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How to keep yourself busy whilst self-isolating

The ongoing pandemic and government restrictions have meant that we’ve had to spend a lot of time in our rooms/indoors recently. While it has been an opportunity to slow down and relax, having nowhere else to be, you might be getting a bit antsy wanting something to do! We’ve brainstormed a few ideas on how […]

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