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How to Maximise Your Study Time

We’ve all been there, you’re somewhere between “studying” and just completely procrastinating. Whether exams are just around the corner or a while away, we’re here to give you a fine-tuned study routine that can turn you into an unstoppable brainbox! With a great selection of both private and group study areas, Point Campus isn’t short […]

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Productivity Tips for Students

With the majority of students studying from home, and lectures moving online, your studies and coursework will look very different this year. Many of our residents have told us that while there are lots of benefits to studying in Point Campus, concentration and productivity levels can really fluctuate when not in a college or campus […]

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The Most Useful Online Courses For Students

The past few months have seen us spend more time indoors than ever before. While many of you have been finally able to take some much needed rest, others have used this time to learn and acquire new skills! For those looking to pick up a new skill or to pass some time, we’ve found […]

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Keeping Calm During Isolation 

Amidst the chaos of recent weeks, it’s easy to forget that many of you still have assignments and projects due before the end of this strange semester. For those in final year, you’ve got the added pressure of life after college to take into account, and all of this can leave even the best of […]

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