Dublin Colleges’ Most Interesting Societies! 

Dublin Colleges’ Most Interesting Societies! 

College is great for exploring and finding new passions, making friends and learning new skills. Societies bring these 3 experiences together so be sure to join a few when the academic year starts again. So we want to take a look at some of the more unique and interesting societies colleges in Dublin have to offer.

Hiking Society

This Trinity College society organises weekly hikes in the mountains of Wicklow and the Greater Dublin area. Weekend trips away to places further afield such as Croagh Patrick, Slieve Donard or even Mount Snowdon in Wales take place and joining is a great way to explore Ireland and its nature while keeping fit.

Juggling and Circus Skills Society

This might not lead to any high-flying careers, well actually…it literally could, but this unique society offers students a chance to learn some bizarre new skills while having the craic doing so! We’ve been told that juggling flaming torches will NOT be on this Trinity society’s curriculum.

Knitting Society

If you’re looking for a more relaxing and less clown-filled time to spend your spare time while in Trinity, knitting sounds like the society for you. Knitting, crochet, and other needleworks will all be taught while you’ll also enjoy tea, biscuits and chats at their infamous ‘Stitch ‘n Bitches’ meetups.

Philosophical Society (The Phil)

We can’t mention Trinity College societies without mentioning The Phil as it’s known on campus. The Phil has been at the centre of student life in Trinity for over three centuries and has hosted talks by the likes of Joe Biden, John McCain, Al Pacino and Nile Rodgers. Debating the modern era’s biggest talking points is a great way to expand your mind and to learn new ways of thinking, something that college is ultimately about.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Can’t get enough of Game of Thrones (don’t mention the last season)? UCD’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Society boasts a huge library with over 450 books and movies, complete with a book club in case you don’t know where to start! No matter what your favourite series or anthology is, you’ll meet someone who cares just as much if not more in this fun society.

Harry Potter

Wondering why they never discuss Harry Potter in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Society in UCD? Well, because Harry and his mates deserve a society all to themselves of course! Ever wanted to debate why Harry didn’t just fix his eyesight? This is the place to do it. It’s a testament to the popularity of this series that students in DIT and DCU also have their own Potter Society they can join.

Paintball Society

On the completely opposite end of the spectrum to the Knitting Society, DIT’s Paintball Society promises some exciting days out, along with a few bruises. Not for the faint of heart, paintballing is a seriously invigorating activity that will for sure make you some new friends and enemies along the way!

Korean Society

Established long before Psy’s Gangnam Style became a worldwide phenomenon, this DCU society regularly celebrates Korea’s popstars, food trends, fashion sense and other aspects of the culture.

Sub Aqua Society

Scuba diving is probably not something you would think you’d be doing in college, but DCU’s Sub Aqua Society offers just that. While many people associate diving with tropical locations, Ireland is renowned for some of the most spectacular diving in the world. Sub Aqua Club offers Internationally Recognized Diving Qualifications through the National Diving Federation so you know you’re in safe hands. Fancy giving it a go?

Making new friends and trying new activities isn’t exclusive to the college campus. Living at Point Campus means you can partake in all of the activities we regularly organise for our residents! Our residents have had amazing times on our hikes, kayak sessions and parties over the past few years! For more info on what it’s like to live at Point Campus, click here.

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