Making a booking

Can I view a room before making a booking?

Yes, you can book an appointment to view by contacting Staff on 01-9059900 or [email protected]. Overseas students can do a video call viewing.

How do I make a booking?

To book your room at Point Campus click “Book Now” on the website, this will bring you to the online booking portal. Please note all bookings must be completed online only.

Where does Host have accommodation?

Moving in

Can I live with my friends?

We can try and house you together, but we can’t hold rooms, so you and your friends must all apply at the same time in order for us to try and place you in the same Cluster. Please note that we cannot guarantee allocations or preferences.

Can I live at Point Campus for more than one year?

Yes, you can stay at Point Campus throughout your studies. Bookings are taken on a first-come-first-served basis, so be sure to re-book as soon as possible.

Can I cancel my contract before I move in?

Yes, you can cancel your booking up to the 1st of August 2021

Can I cancel my contract and move out early?

Yes, however you will still be liable for the full cost of fees. To assign your License You must find someone willing to take over your contract in full.

If I move out early, what will happen?

Nothing, however you are still obliged to pay your fees in full unless you have assigned your contract.

What do I need to bring with me on arrival?

Your booking reference and photo ID.

Is there somewhere to park when I am unpacking?

Yes, we have a small number of temporary on site parking spaces – subject to availability, alternatively there is a Euro Car Park at Point Square less than 200m walk from the building.

Will there be someone to collect my keys from?

At the start of contract, we have extended opening hours and you are advised to arrive when the office is open. However, if you arrive when the office is closed, instructions outside the office will advise you how to contact the member of staff on duty. Point Campus has staff on-site 24 hours a day.

What happens on move-in day?

You will be welcomed on arrival by a member of staff. You will be asked to provide any necessary documents. Once the paperwork is complete, you will be issued with your key and fob.

Living at Point Campus

What if I am not happy with my allocated flatmates?

We hope that you forge meaningful relationships with many different people during your time at Point Campus. However, should you become unhappy, we encourage you to talk to your flatmates and look for mutually agreeable solutions together. Remember that moving to university can be a challenging time, and that initial teething problems are usually ameliorated within the first few weeks. Please speak to management if you have any unresolved problems.

Will I be able to change rooms after I have arrived?

Although management reserves the right to reallocate occupants to different rooms, it is not usually possible to change rooms after you have arrived. All rooms are allocated on a 40 or 51 week contract, and unless another resident also requests a room swap, we are generally unable to change your room.

Can I move in before my contract starts?

This depends on your circumstances and the availibility of your room at that time. We reccommend contacting Point Campus staff directly to enquire.

What cooking equipment is provided in the kitchens?

Our kitchens are set up and ready for you to use, with modern conveniences like microwave, kettle, toaster, hob and oven supplied. Shared utensils such as cutlery, crockery and glasses are not included.

Anything else?

Hoovers and irons are also provided.

Can I get bedding supplied?

Point Campus provides a mattress and a mattress protector; however additional bedding is not supplied. Either bring your own, or purchase a bedding pack from UniKitOut prior to arrival. Quote HOST18 to receive a 10% discount.

What broadband packages are there?

We have high speed WIFI included in the price of your stay

How do I connect to the internet?

This information will be provided to you on your arrival

Is a TV provided?

Only our “Plus” rooms include a Smart TV in the bedrooms, however all of the living/dining areas of the cluster rooms feature a Smart TV

What TV channels are available?

Saor View

Can I park on-site?

No, unfortunately we do not have space for student cars on site.

Where can I store my bike?

Bike Storage is available on the lower ground floors in each building. Bikes are not allowed in the rooms.

Is there always a member of staff on site?

Yes, we have Staff on site 24 hours a day.

What are the Management Office opening hours?

Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

What about security?

Our entrance and exits are accessed by your key fob to ensure maximum security. We have CCTV monitoring the common areas of the buildings and we also have Staff at night conducting regular patrols of the building.

How do I report maintenance issues?

On arrival you will be shown our Host maintenance portal where you may log any maintenance issues.

What happens once a maintenance issue is reported?

A member of the Facilites team will contact you to arrange access to your room to carry out repairs.

How do I report emergency maintenance overnight or at weekends?

You must report emergency maintenance to staff on site immediately.

Where can I do my laundry?

In our on site laundry rooms located in the basement of each building.

Where can I collect my post?

Mail is delivered to our post room in the Tolka Reception, once we receive it we will scan it and you will be notified by email of its arrival and how to collect it.

Who is responsible for cleaning my room?

You are responsible for keeping your room to a good standard of hygiene.

Can I smoke at Point Campus?

There are designated outdoor areas for smoking, please remember to dispose of your cigarette butts safely.

Can I decorate my room?

Yes, but please refrain from using anything that could damage the walls/floors etc as you may be charged for repair.

Can I have guests to stay?

At present due to Covid19 we have stopped non resident visits. This is to protect our students on site. This decision will be reviewed once it is safe to do so.

Are there guest rooms on-site that I can book?


Can my visitors park on-site?

No, we only allow parking on site for emergencies and temporary drop off of items eg food, laundry.

Can visitors just walk in?

No, visitors must use the call bell and be given access by a staff member.

Can I bring a pet?

No unfortunately your pets are not allowed.

What if I have a complaint?

Complaints may be sent in confidence to [email protected] or may be logged on your Host portal.


Do I pay a deposit?

No, your initial booking fee of €300 is deducted from the overall cost of your stay.

What are the payment options?

Payment must be paid online via your Starrez portal or you can pay to our bank account via bank transfer.

I do not live in Ireland – how can I pay my occupancy fees / licence fees?

Fees may be paid through the Host portal. If you do not live in Ireland and do not have an Irish Guarantor the your fees must be paid in full before you arrive.

Do I need a Guarantor?

Yes, if you live in Ireland and wish to pay in installments then you must have an Irish Guarantor.

Can I pay my occupancy fees / licence fee with my student loan?

Please note payments need to be made by the due dates – we are unable to wait in line with student loan dates.

What should I do if I am having financial problems?

Financial problems should be communicated with Staff as soon as possible through email at [email protected]

What if I change my bank account or card details?

Please notify Point Campus staff of the changes so that your account does not go into arrears

Can I pay with foreign currency or Traveller’s Cheques?


How can I find out how much I owe?

Your Host account will show the balance of remaining fees.

What if I don’t pay?

As you are entering into a Licence Agreement the fees must be paid in full. Failiure to pay will result in the cancellaton of your contract. This will also be referred to the Residential Tenancies Board for adjudication.


Do I have to pay any utility bills?

No all of your utilities are included in the price.

Is there a charge for the internet?

No, your high speed WIFI (up to 100MB) is included in the price.

Do I need a TV licence?

Yes, more information may be found at tvlicence.ie

Is contents insurance included?

No, students must provide their own contents insurance for their personal belongings.

Moving Out

What do I need to do before I move out?

Contact the staff at Reception to notify them and arrange a move out inspection.

How do I return my keys?

Keys may be returned to staff at Reception.

Will I get a deposit returned to me?

No, deposits are not taken at Point Campus