How to Create a Holiday Season That Everyone Can Enjoy

How to Create a Holiday Season That Everyone Can Enjoy

You might be tired of hearing it, but this year is truly like no other. The pandemic has meant more time spent in your room than any other typical December at Point Campus. While recent easing of government restrictions has allowed us to venture back out into the City Centre and take in some of that wintry atmosphere, it’s important to have a cosy base to retreat to during the holiday season.

Limited travel means many students will spend this time with their flatmates. With so many students from different countries, faiths and walks of life calling Point Campus home, here’s a few ways you can collaborate to make this very unique December one to remember for years to come!

Keep the Holiday Decorations Nonspecific

We all love a bit of decorating to get us in the festive spirit when celebrating, but above all else you want to make sure everyone feels right at home! Gingerbread, snowmen and candy canes are some wintry ornaments that can allow your inner-decorator to flourish while making sure nobody is left out in the common area.

Additionally, you can take this year as an opportunity to learn about the various traditions and customs that have made their way from all over the world to Point Campus. If you’re putting up a tree this December, ensure everyone gets a chance to add to it in a way that reminds them of what this time of year means to them!

Nothing Brings People Together Like Food

Lifestyle, faith and origin can all play a part in what food will go over best with your flatmates. Vegetarian and vegan choices are always a surefire way to make sure everyone can get in on the culinary action.

Hosting a little Come Dine With Me or potluck event where everyone brings their own dish is a great way to get everyone flexing those home-cooking skills while spreading the kitchen work evenly. Who knows, you might find your new favourite holiday dish!

A Mix of Movies and Music

Much like food, movies and music are a big big part of this time of year for many people. Trips around town or listening to the radio make the typical Christmas songs near impossible to miss! So why not try and mix it up a bit in your room? Choose from songs all over the world or keep it simple with some ambient jazz or ever-reliable lo-fi beats.

When the food is finished and the dishes have been cleaned, take some time in your room or in Point Campus’ private cinema to kick-back in a food coma and enjoy a movie or two. Movies that are set around Winter without being out-and-out Christmas Movies can keep everyone’s holiday buzz alive – Die Hard, anyone?

Above All Else – Take the Time to Enjoy Yourself

Between buying decorations, setting-up your room, preparing food and mastering your playlist, it’s very easy to lose the run of yourself and succumb to the stress of it all! The main goal, no matter what you’re celebrating, is to enjoy this time with your flatmates as 2020 (finally) comes to a close.

Relax, eat plenty of food and get to know the wonderful people that make your cluster – and Point Campus – the great place that it is. You may even pick up a tradition that you carry into next year!

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