How to Deal with Leaving Cert Results

How to Deal with Leaving Cert Results

After a slight change of plans (a.k.a. A global pandemic), this year’s Leaving Cert results will be issued on Friday the 2nd of September 2022. That can feel like a long time to wait with the next few years hanging in the balance.

So, we have prepared a series of tips to ensure that everything goes smoothly while you’re waiting.

Remember It’s All Done Now

All the hard work is over. You’ve just spent all this time focusing on your studies and you’re finished for the year. This means there’s no use worrying now, as what’s done is done. Make sure to remind yourself that you’ve done everything you can, and the outcome is out of your hands. You can handle whatever happens.

plan b

Make a Plan B

Unexpected things can happen. So, it’s best to be prepared. Hopefully everything will go to plan, but a back-up plan will help you stay relaxed if you somehow miss out on your offer. A carefully considered plan-B will prevent any on the day panic.

Ensure you have everything you need

When you go to collect your results, there will be a few things you need. A fully charged phone is at the top of the list, whether you have your offer or not.

Ideally, on your phone, make a list of the phone numbers for the admissions teams for the universities you applied for. If you did not make the grades, then what you will need to do is call these universities, starting with the ones that made an offer.

You will also want to make a note of your CAO application number (can be found on the CAO’s website). This means you will also need your CAO login details.

Understand The Process

You may not expect to have to wait past Round One or move down on the list of your options, but its best to be prepared. Round One will open on the 8th of September, and you will have until the 14th of September to reply. If you are choosing to wait for Round Two, it opens on the 19th of September.

Don’t be distracted by others

There will be a lot of other people around you waiting for their results. Try not to get caught up in the emotions and reactions of them. Your situation is unique to yourself, which means focusing on others or comparing yourself is not going to help.  Remain calm on the day and you’ll make smarter results day decisions.

enjoy yourself

Try To Not Think About It Until the Day

Leaving Cert results is a big moment in your life, making it difficult to forget about. However, if you can put it to the back of your mind until the day of, it’s for the best. With it being out of your control, there is no point in stressing or dwelling after the fact. Go out, enjoy yourself and live your best life.

Sleep Well

When you get your results, you will then be making some serious decisions about what to do next. It’s always best to make decisions like these when you’re feeling rested. A good tip is to avoid social media an hour before you fall asleep so you wake up fresh for results day.

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