Our 5 Favourite Cosy Pubs For Students in Dublin

Our 5 Favourite Cosy Pubs For Students in Dublin

Dublin has reopened at that wonderful time of the year where winter is beginning to change into spring. So, what better way to celebrate than some cosy pints with your friends in some lovely little Irish pubs all around Dublin?

While these spots might not be hosting any student or techno nights in the near future, we think they’re fixtures in Dublin culture and the heart of the picturesque nightlife that makes us so happy to see some of these spots fully back open around the city.

The Long Hall

One of the oldest pubs in Dublin, The Long Hall has hung on to much of its interiors and art that it has collected over the past 250+ years on South Great George’s Street.

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Busy with locals and tourists alike, this spot is really popular for a reason – it’s great! Whether you’re settling down with a pint of Guinness or getting really wintery and ordering a hot whiskey, The Long Hall is very welcoming to all and a must-visit pub in Dublin.

The Hairy Lemon

A perfect middle-ground between a traditional, old-school pub and a brilliant selection of drinks behind the bar. The self-proclaimed ‘Trendiest Bar in Dublin’, The Hairy Lemon is set inside a 19th-century house not too far from St. Stephens Green with plenty of memorabilia all over the walls.

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A quirky spot covered in some pretty interesting decor, and with a list of craft beer and even whiskey tasting trays, we’re sure you will find something to help you settle into a cosy corner!

McGowans of Phibsborough

McGowans is a major favourite among Phibsborough locals and a real hidden gem if you’re new to the city.

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Easily reached just off the LUAS line, you won’t miss this spot as the lovely facade of this landmark pub are visible from right down the street. Inside, it’s always a great atmosphere with people generally buzzing – especially now!

The Lord Edward

Maybe the most traditional pub on our list, The Lord Edward is a classic Irish pub through and through. Renowned for a serious pint of Guinness and freshly made toasties, this sits just at the top of Dame Street, opposite Christchurch Cathedral.

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A distinct green paintjob, when you step inside you get the cosy vibes immediately. But head upstairs and it gets taken to another level. Comfy seating and a roaring fireplace make it easy to lose track of time and sink into the seats.


Devitt’s might be a bit more familiar to students who have some experience with the Dublin nightlife. Popular among students, Devitt’s retains plenty of traditional charm and is more than deserving of a spot on this list!

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A popular spot all-year-round, expect an unreal atmosphere as people get to spend their nights here yet again after shuffling in from the cold for a tipple!

Now, you’re well prepared for the coming weeks in the city and if ever your mates are looking for an evening for a “few quiet ones”, you know exactly where to bring them!

If you’re coming to Ireland in 2022, our blog has plenty of information on living and learning in Dublin. If you’re still searching for somewhere to stay, Point Campus is a great base in the heart of the city – a perfect hub for your student experience. Take a look at our Life at Point Campus page for a more in-depth look at our location. If you have any questions about booking a stay at Point Campus, reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram and our team will try and help out however we can!

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