The Most Useful Online Courses For Students

The Most Useful Online Courses For Students

The past few months have seen us spend more time indoors than ever before. While many of you have been finally able to take some much needed rest, others have used this time to learn and acquire new skills!

For those looking to pick up a new skill or to pass some time, we’ve found some great courses you can take online. From essay writing to learning to be happier, there are some great options for you in the list below. Coursera and Skillshare are two online learning platforms we’ve mentioned in previous blogs and you’ll find all the courses we’ve chosen on either of these two sites.

Note: Coursera can be accessed for free by university students, or recently graduated students with a verified college or university email address. After joining the site, you’ll need to enroll in any of the included 3,800 courses by July 31, 2020.

The Science of Well-Being

Yale’s most popular class in their history, taught by Professor Laurie Santos, is available online for free, with over 2.6 million enrolments to date. What started out as a course on campus to battle the rise in depression and anxiety among students, soon outgrew all of Yale’s lecture halls to become a worldwide phenomenon!

With flexible deadlines, ongoing challenges and tangible results, this course has been designed to help students improve their mood and happiness levels. Looking after your mental health is incredibly important so we couldn’t recommend this course highly enough!

Learning How To Learn

We can already hear you saying out loud…’’but I already know how to learn’’? It seems a given that students know how to learn about their studies, but have you ever thought about how you actually take in and process new information, and how best to go about it? Learning how to learn about new topics, skills and materials can really affect how well you do in college.

Not only will learning the right way help your college studies, you can use these skills for music, art or whatever other discipline you might find yourself in in the future!

Essay Writing

Does anyone reading this actually enjoy writing essays? If so, we’d love to hear from you, we need to know your secrets!

Every college student needs to write essays, there’s no escaping it. Whether it’s for an assignment or during an exam, we all know the feeling of counting the words and hoping it exceeds the word count. This online course on how to write an effective essay should be mandatory for all first-year students in Ireland in our opinion! The course will take up 24 hours of your time but with flexible deadlines, you can pace yourself with this one.

How to Write a C.V/ Resumé

If you’re approaching the end of your time in college, you have probably started to think about careers, job options and interviews. A C.V is essential for any job you apply to, and having a stand-out C.V can greatly improve your chances of being hired! Over 100,000 people have enrolled in this course with over 50% of those saying they started a new career after completion so you know it works.

Whether you have never written a C.V before, or would like to polish your existing one before applying for jobs, this short, 6 hour course is definitely worth your time.

Photography – Capture Your City

What better way to explore Dublin and to document your time in Point Campus by learning this exciting skill! With everyone having the latest phone and an Instagram account these days, getting into photography is natural for many students looking for a new hobby or skill. This course, provided by SkillShare in collaboration with VSCO, is a great first step into the world of photography.

Skillshare does offer a free trial so why not try this or one of their other creative courses while you have some extra time this summer?

Point Campus is the perfect space to learn in. With the abundance of study spaces, quiet rooms, desks and chairs in every bedroom and high-speed internet, our resident’s learnings are always a priority for us. Learn more about living at Point Campus by sending us a message on social media or by contacting us here.

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