Why Choose Private Student Accommodation?

Why Choose Private Student Accommodation?

It’s that time of year. Results are on the way, you’re getting ready to head off to college and you’re trying to decide on where you’re going to stay.

Maybe it’s your first time leaving home? So you want somewhere where you can have peace of mind, comfort, meet some friends and get into student life!

For many students, their first instinct will be to seek out residence halls or on-campus accommodation for their chosen college. But a lot of the time, private student accommodation like Point Campus can offer a lot of the same amenities, plus some added benefits, perks and facilities that you won’t find in most on-campus accommodation or private housing.

On-Site Amenities

One of the biggest factors in deciding where you stay will be the on-site facilities that you use every day.

Student halls will come with many of the amenities you expect from your stay. However, looking for extra activities or spaces on-campus, you may find on-campus accommodation is quite limited. Trinity Halls, for example, has a study room and a recreational room for residents on-site. But apart from this, you may need to leave the premises during your free time.

Beyond study zones dotted throughout the buildings, residents at Point Campus have full access to the gym, fitness studio, private cinema, games room, outside courtyards and rooftop terraces. Luxury amenities can be time and money savers as you get to spend more time closer to home with friends; saving cash on things like gym memberships and admission to indoor spaces.

Social Life and International Environment

Making friends is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of the college (and student accommodation) experience. With residents coming from all over the world and studying in different colleges, there are a variety of students looking to make friends in private student accommodation.

Visiting Ireland from abroad can be especially challenging; but there are many people in the same situation who want to get to know some friendly faces, too! Point Campus is home to over thirty nationalities – a hub of cultures, interests and relationships waiting to be made.

Not to mention, our designated common areas, events and activities that make perfect icebreakers for your potential new best friends!

Events and Activities

Speaking of which, events, activities and social outings are key to making your stay unforgettable! 

Whether it be a full-blown group outing or on-site events like wellbeing days or an end-of-year party, we want residents to always have a date in their diary.

As restrictions ease, Point Campus group activities like our hike around Glendalough, Surfdock paddleboarding or onsite Fitness Sessions will hopefully become more common.

Outings, events and dedicated social areas are a staple of life at private student accommodation like Point Campus.

Plus, with events open to all residents, it’s another great opportunity to meet the people you’re living with. While on-campus accommodation may have occasional activities, a packed calendar of trips and events is more typical of private accommodation.

Safety and Security

Purpose-built student accommodation can provide additional peace of mind for residents as security has been a consideration from the outset. Reception facilities, on-site staff, maintenance and more may be much more common facilities versus on-campus accommodation or student housing.

Point Campus has 24-hour security with CCTV, electronic access control and reception are available 5 days a week. If you need anything else, there are members of staff on-site at all times. This kind of support is unfortunately not a given at rented homes or on-campus accommodation.

Costs & No Hidden Fees

Last but certainly not least is the costs and fees associated with private student accommodation versus on-campus accommodation. We actually took a look at this in quite a bit of detail in one of our most recent blogs, but essentially there is a lot to consider beyond just your monthly rental costs.

Some private rental accommodation may initially seem like good value at €700 – €800 per month, but there are often additional fees that need to be factored into these costs like heating, electricity, internet and more. However, purpose-built accommodation like Point Campus comes with all bills and costs included in your monthly fee – this makes budgeting short-term and long-term much easier as you know exactly what to expect with no hidden costs involved.

What’s more, is that we also have a variety of offers and payment plans to suit a variety of students, so not only are there no hidden costs, it’s easier to pay your fees too! 

At Point Campus, for international students, our Defer Your Arrival and Free Quarantine Period offers are especially handy as it means you aren’t financially committing yourself to a stay that you might not make.

Still can’t make up your mind? If you have any questions about Point Campus and the benefits of purpose-built student accommodation, you can contact us here by email or phone and we’ll help in any way we can! If you’re a bit more sure, you can make your booking for the 2021/2022 academic year here.

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